Ford can righteously be called a legendary and pioneering manufacturer in the world of automotive production. The current Fordís fleet is ever amazing with sheer choice of large, mid-size and smaller cars, as well as light commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks. The least expensive in the range is the Fiesta available in 7 modifications and two body styles Ė sedan and hatchback. It has an option of standard 1.6 L 120 hp engine and the turbocharged version with the same displacement. The car can be regarded as successful mix of compact and sporty design geared up for city cruising and long-distance travels.

The new Focus also has penetrating qualities and peculiarities, especially marked by its EcoBoost 1.0 L three-cylinder engine. 2.0 L and 2.3 L variations are also available, proposing a fair amount of performance in a compact sedan or a hatchback. The full-size Taurus incorporates 24-valve DOHC V6 3.5 L engine cranking out 288 hp and 254 lb-ft of torque. The Eco trend has also influenced this model proposing the 240 hp 2.4 L engine. This one of the best selling American cars is now in its 6th generation with a totally revised body design and high-end and one of the best in class interiors ever which deserves a status of the executive one.

The performance forward of the brand has also entered its 6th stage of development in 2015. With the invigorated engines and totally rearranged exterior outlines the new Mustang is a great example of bottomless strive in art and engineering. The following variety of engines is put forward: the lineup consists of V6 3.7 L (300 hp), i-4 2.3 L (310 hp) and two V8 engines with 5.0 L displacement and 435hp output and flat plane crank pattern 5.2 L motor delivering 526 hp. At this particular time all-electric car manufacturers concentrate their efforts on supplying the high-endurance batteries. Ford is one of these automakers that revealed its own e-vehicle in 2012 designed mainly for intra-city driving. Unlike its upper-class colleague the BMW i3 introduced as a concept in 2011, Ford remained loyal to its conventional forms and shapes. Probably you wonít be able to discern any difference from customary Focus, save just two notable giveaways Ė a plug slot on the front wheel arch and slightly enlarged radiator grille.

The 23 kw battery unit is positioned in the trunk of the car, which can take quite a toll on payload capacity. The above mentioned BMW as well as Nissan Leaf have their power supply installed in the belly of the vehicle. The engine of the Focus Electric is installed in the front and delivers 104 kw or 143 horsepower. Taking into account that it is powered by electricity, the motor has a monster torque of 187 ft-lbs. The estimated mileage of the 2016 model is declared to be 110 in urbane driving mode and 99 on the highway, while BMW i3 offers its electric range from 80 to 100 miles. A great deal of efficiency depends upon driving manner.

What it takes to fully charge this vehicle? The results wonít disappoint you: using level 2 charger you will spend from 3 to 4 hours to replenish your lithium-ion battery, while Nissan Leaf would make you stuck in one place for twice as much. In this regard its German fellow has greater possibilities to shorten recharge time (with different modes it takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours). Fordís new electric flagship is fitted with 7 standard front / side airbags offering sufficient security level for driver and passengers. The car is equipped with front independent suspension with MacPherson struts and in the rear it features new Control Blade independent suspension. Starting MSRP for the Focus Electric is claimed to be 29 170 $ which makes this model affordable for e-amateurs who appreciate standard, habitual outlines of the innovative vehicles. The brand does not neglect combining two-engines / one car solution proposing the new look at the C-MAX range. This multiple purpose vehicle has decent dimensions (total length of 173.6 inches) and innovative powertrain which is formed by 2.0 L Atkinson inline-4 Hybrid engine and electric propulsion system powered by a 1.4 kWh Li-ion battery.