While looking through available vehicles in the Dodge lineup, one can think it is spoiled for choice but the first glance might be deceptive, so it’s rather versatile in every aspect than having a cumbersome list of similar vehicles. Anyone can find in its range a car which suits well according to their needs.

The Charger is a self-imposing sporty-looking full-size sedan with exceptionally trimmed muscular exterior. The uniqueness of this car is validated by a variety of HEMI motors: the scary 707 hp 6.2 L V8 Hellcat, the 485 hp 6.4 L V8, the 5.7 L V8 which spins your wheels with 370 hp and finally custom 292 hp 3.6 L V6 Pentastar. The automatic transmission can be managed with standard and paddle shifters to provide perfect race feeling. The Dart model can also offer a considerable performance at reasonable price (the starting MSRP is 16.495 $). It offers 3 engines: the 2.0 L Tigershark producing 160 hp, the 184 hp Multiair engine displacing 2.4 L and compact 1.4 Turbo Multiair delivering 160 hp. It also features 3 options for the drivetrain: 6-spd manual, 6-spd automatic and 6-spd automatic dual dry clutch transmissions.

The absolute star among Dodge performance vehicle is the 8.4 L V10 Viper available in 5 packages. Its loud mid-front placed engine pumps out 645 hp. This supercar coupe seating 2 persons is unmistakably a racing monster. It incorporates the best features related to the sport driving, namely the ACR and GTC models. The Dodge Challenger has an ample range of modifications to chose from: 10 performance models to the satisfaction of anyone who’s ready to take a fast ride. Each year starting from 2008 the US sales have been growing significantly which proves the popularity of cars like this. It won’t be enough, though it is true to say that this car is absolute beast. The 2016 R/T Scat Pack is a strong alloy of performance and comfort. The 6.4 L V8 motor permits you to enjoy 485 hp at 475 lb-ft of torque and reach 182 mph within a 4-second time lapse. Taking into account its initial MSRP 38 995 $ you can possibly guess that this segment is worth competing even with the Ferrari (at least the California model). However, the Italian exclusive automotive maker is far too distant to be outrun by the 2016 lineup offered by Dodge. Anyways its engine is fairly amazing.

The engine specification suggests it has multi-displacement system which turns off four of 8 cylinders while there’s no acceleration or when the speed is on a regular level. It provides you with a tolerable estimated mileage of 14 mpg in city and 23 mpg on a highway. Another valuable but optional feature is a hemispherical combustion chamber used in these 392-type engines, but standard Scat package comes with 6.4 L MDS motors. Under the Scat Pack you are able to adjust almost everything with various options just a heartbeat from the touch of your hand. Sport Mode settings on performance controls page let you access the engine trim – you can chose between “Sport” or “Norm” modes. It is also available to set the launch mode and your RPM’s, turn on and off the paddle shifters. Moreover this group of packages is characterized by additional styling details including 20*9 in. lightweight aluminum wheels, so-called bumblebee stripes and high-intensity discharge headlamps.

The interior is accurately tailor-made, with hand-sewn leather and alcantara on door panels and seats. The dashboard and all the instruments are driver-oriented, bending to surround the driver’s place. Central armrest conceals a compartment with auxiliary and USB ports. Every control switch and infotainment menus can be managed without troubling the user. The vehicle is equipped by both conventional and paddle shifters, just on the leather wrapped driving wheel. In terms of driving the car’s reliability and safety are guaranteed by new “Brembo” brakes, which don’t tend to burn even if applied roughly. Revised steering system is also engineered to meet the expectations of Challenger’s costumers. This high performance monster can suit dynamic city drive or even a long haul cruise with all due comfort.