Chrysler has its own advantages as a division of a larger Fiat Chrysler Company. Although another branch of this corporation – Dodge, can offer the Grand Caravan, Chrysler’s Town and Country and of course its more costly relative the Pacifica stand on a separate line and lure the customers with authentic design and configuration. Nonetheless the Town and Country vs Grand Caravan is not about any significant difference. Both models feature the same 3.6L Pentastar V6 with 283 hp under the hood and similar powertrain – an automatic 62 TE transmission. Considering brakes, all of 6 available packs of Dodge and Chrysler use identical 4-wheel heavy duty disc brakes and touring suspension, except for Chrysler S and Dodge R/T which are equipped with performance suspension.

The all new Pacifica has an outstanding streamline exterior and extended interior and embraces a hybrid engine which is about to extend the intra-city mileage up to 80 miles per gallon. All in all Chrysler vans are more refined in quality and appearance and represent a threshold between the entry-level and the high-end large family cars. While the interest among consumers tends to shift towards SUVs and trucks, the two generations of Sebring-based models didn’t prove to be commercially beneficial for the FCA. Anyways, the Chrysler 200 is still being manufactured and sold in the US and Europe (under the marque Lancia Flavia).

Inspired by the 3rd generation of the Chrysler Sebring the model 200 underwent significant changes yet it retained several recognizable body details and powertrain features from its relative. One of these particularities is the use of the GEMA in-line 4 engines. In its last model range the Sebring proposed whether 2.3 L straight-4 motors or V6 engines with displacement of 2.7 and 3.5 liters (namely EER and EGF types). Current lineup of the Chrysler 200 relies on 2.4 in-line 4 cylinder DOHC 16V Tigershark motors, also assembled under the GEMA and more powerful 3.6 L Pentastar which is totally owned by the FCA. Less powerful 4 cylinder motor is a standard option on 5 cars which comprise the 2nd generation – LX, Limited, 200S and 200 C. The latter 3 models can also be equipped with the abovementioned 3.6 liter V 6 engine. The 200S and the 200C are available in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variations.

The first generation sedans featured 6 and 4 speed automatic gearboxes. Models under review are delivered with 9-speed automatic transmission. Overall powertrain looks impressive and powerful: the 2.4 L engine is capable of delivering 184 hp and 173 lb-ft of torque, and its more robust version Pentastar, with displacement of 3.6 L produces 295 hp at 262 lb-ft torque. Moreover, the spacious executive-looking interior fitted with the latest gadgets and infotainment systems, as well as far-reaching approach to inner space economy fused with good maneuverability and sustainability on the driving surface, as well as good-balanced steering make this car definitely worth 22.000 $. Judging on various indicators including performance and especially mileage, which results in 23 city / 36 highway MPG this vehicle can easily compete even with more expensive Audi A3.

Apart from technical and comfort-related details the new Chrysler 200 is extraordinary in terms of safety. Its reliable and reinforced body frame structure ensures driver’s and passenger’s security, plus eight default airbags form an impregnable “safety cage” which reduces all traffic accident risks to the minimum. One more benchmark of Chrysler is its exceptional and long-standing full-size upper level sedan – the 300. It simply glows with luxury, grandeur and power, having the 300 hp 3.6 L motor. For greater performance you can pick the 5.7 L 8 which pumps out additional 50 hp at 5600 rpm. It’s just the right car to underline your seriousness and importance, its outline is all about the idea of status, not aggressiveness.