Despite substantial decrease in sales worldwide starting from 2014, this luxury make still strives to be afloat. Statistical data reflects that most favorable regions for Cadillac are US and China. By February 2015 11.739 cars were sold in the US and 5.959 cars in China. Overall global sales reached 78.787 by the end of 2015.

Another important issue for the Detroit based manufacturer is Australian market. Extending its operation onto this continent by 2020 is regarded by some as positive move which will bring about prosperity for the brand, however leaving many questions on export details (China is considered to be the point of reference but no clear schemes available so far). It also means for Cadillac the task of providing right-hand drive vehicles. Speaking about concrete cars range to be exported, chief executives rely mostly on compact luxury segment, such as the Cadillac ATS. It would be pointless to underline its refined features, because any Cadillac is created in that manner, having the best of prestigious interior with hand-sewn leather on the steering wheel, natural wooden inlays on the front panel and doors. Being produced in two body-styles sedan and coupe it has notorious and remarkable exterior look with sharp edges, LED headlights and taillights which makes it look like a jewelry; additional grandeur is rendered with its exceptional V-pattern which is distinguishable on the radiator grille as well as on the control panel inside. The light in the rear also look spectacular thanks to its vertical position which is quite different from other makes. In one word it preserved its classic traits in a modern incarnation.

Lets not forget about three engines option which is suitable for either taste. You can pick 2.5 L engine with 202 hp, the 2.0 L Turbo engine with more powerful output of 272 hp and even the 3.6 L V6 motor which shares all of the 335 horsepower.

The car is very effective on cornering and has a responsive suspension with Magnetic Ride Control, which means short-time automatic adjustment to any changes of the surface.

As of 2016 Cadillac offers 11 models to choose from including compact coupes, sedans and 2 main SUVs, with the third model announced in late 2015 the XT5 crossover powered by GMs most recent 3.6 V6 engine. Again it was said that this particular model is designated mostly for China. It is clear that Cadillac is a viable competitor not only in Asia and Australia but also in Europe where it must compete with BMW X3 and the new Mercedes GLC.