The year 2015 was a successful period for another GM division – Buick. Many observers are inclined to think that its success owes much to the Chinese market. In the end of December 2015 the brand beat its previous record and exceeded 1.2 million sales.

Being a representative of a luxury class it demonstrates relative generosity by offering cheaper models in comparison to its less affordable neighbor – Cadillac. Probably the ability to blend premium quality with reasonable price and not only Chinese hospitality explains the brand’s wellbeing. It introduces truly accessible cars in this generally expensive segment. Today the Buick’s lineup includes 6 models produced in most welcomed and desirable styles: small-size, mid-size and full-size sedans, one convertible, crossover and SUV. Beyond this gamut two models are slated for release in the upcoming summer – the new SUV Envision and the 2017 LaCrosse, plus one concept vehicle – Avista. Its specifications imply accent on safety and sport features.

The Verano is a typical small-size luxury sedan, this model is the most affordable and fuel-efficient in the Buick’s range. The car is equipped with 2.4 L DOHC 4 cylinder 180 hp engine or in case of choosing Premium Turbo Group modification you will have 2.0 L Turbo DOHC delivering 259 hp at 5300 rpm. Its customers will experience unquestionable safety with 10 standard airbags and upper-class comfort provided by bucket seats which are universal in all Buick’s models. The Regal has higher MSRP, a little bit decreased mileage 19/27 MPG (city/highway) against the Verano’s 21/32, it features the same 2.0 L Turbo motor. HiPer Strut front suspension and rear multi-link suspension assure pleasant driving even with the highest torque.

The Buick Lacrosse is truly refined full-size sedan which incorporates features from two previous models and excites with its affordability. The Lacrosse will certainly occupy more space and consume more with 17/26 mpg due to its continuous AWD produced by 3.6 L 304 hp V6 engine (FWD is also available with the same engine). Additional safety bonuses comprise #1 and #2 Driver confidence packages which embrace lane change alert, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, forward collision alert, air bag system with rear-seat mounted thorax airbags.

The Cascada convertible is all about premium interior, driving smoothness, decent mileage and quite efficient 1.6 L 200 hp Turbo engine. With such versatile and flexible approach it’s highly unlikely that Buick loses the race.