One of the benchmarks which led BMW to the rise was the introduction of the 1500 model. It set the pace for the following years of development and predefined those major details which make people distinguish BMW at one glance. BMW still being a member of “the big 3 luxury cars manufacturers” does not underestimate green technologies just like Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Engineers didn’t stop on 8 cylinder splendid monsters with 600 hp motors but instead they created the BMW i3 – the first zero-emission car in its class produced by the Bavarian-based automotive manufacturer.

With 27 735 cars sold worldwide since its launch in 2013 the BMW i3 mostly has positive reviews and high ratings. Currently the model is offered in two modifications: with all-electric 170 hp motor featuring brake energy recuperation and the BMW i3 with Range Extender which means it has supplementary 2 cylinder petrol engine. Additional features include stolen vehicle recovery, remote door unlock and special app for smartphones – My BMW iRemote allowing its users to control and monitor various systems outside the car.

Both i3s are sold in 3 packages: Mega World, Giga World and Tera World – all of them emphasize using renewable materials of high-end quality in interior design. The i3 can cover the distance of 81 miles on one charge, while the Range Extender allows going up to 150 miles. Driving any further than 25 miles especially outside the cite compels you to bring 10 A socket and earmark 12 hours to spare in order to fully recharge the battery. As a matter of fact mileage is affected by driving style, weather and use of air conditioning. Higher speeds require more power while temperatures below zero significantly reduce the charge.

Nonetheless both models received positive acclaim for sustainable reliability in terms of materials used in its production – the main body (or Life Module) is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and the second module which accommodates drivetrain is made of aluminum leaving corrosion with no chances. Current starting MSRP for these cars is 42 400 $ (i3) and 46 250 $ (Range Extender).

The new i3 generation seems to be a good example of a compact city car which sorts out parking problems due its small size (4 meters long), exceptional weight (max.1.315 kg) and really smooth driving assured by front MacPherson struts and rear multilink suspension. However one should not forget about preplanning its itinerary if it deviates from usual urban cruising and extends beyond the city with not so many sites to recharge the battery.