Since the days of August Horch – the one who established this well recognizable marque, a deal of time has elapsed and Audi changed a lot. It turned itself into a powerful worldwide manufacturer beating racing scores and going side by side with new environment-friendly technologies. All of this made it one of the best selling luxury cars brand. More than 50 models with a multitude of sub-models have been designed for over a 100 year period of its existence.

Nowadays Audi offers its recent high-end lineup comprising four body styles: a range of 16 sedans, 5 coupes and convertibles and 7 SUVs, which shows an abundant variety to choose from. Average MSRP is about 54 462.50 US dollars putting it to the quite expensive market segment. The most affordable model among Audi sedans is A3 – a 5 door vehicle seating 5, with four-cylinder 16-valve DOHC engine producing 220 hp. 1.8 and 2.0 liters displacement are possible. Features vary in Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige options.

Its exterior transmits aggressive and imposing traits of executive premium car. It has sharp edges coexisting with smoother lines and slopes. Rear and front bumpers only solidify the impression of a sports-car. As befits a car in this class it has fine manoeuvrability thanks to front MacPherson struts and rear four-link suspension, both producing trustworthy effects. A3 interior procures the driver with top functionality. Touch-sensible scroll wheel is one of the key control features. It is linked to the “Audi connect” system displayed on a digital screen providing first-hand travel information and data on current state of vehicle systems. Front seats with lumbar adjustment assure healthy approach to driving.

The A3’s colleague from SUV family – A3 Sportback e-tron has fantastic capability and performance features due to its hybrid motor powered by ecological gas fuel and 8.8 kWh lithium-ion battery which powers 102 hp electric motor/generator. Combined together they produce a total of 203 hp. The gas engine has 4 inline cylinders with overall displacement of 1.395 cm3. The top track speed is claimed to be 130 mph. The car can be driven separately whether on gas or electric engine which guarantees fuel efficiency and significantly low emission level. One of the most exciting things about this car is that Audi proposes its buyers to benefit from solar power, offering solar panels which can be installed on home roof reducing energy costs while charging your A3 e-tron.