Acura brand Ė an offshoot of Honda was forged as the first luxury cars supplier in Japan. Indeed, it proved to be both revolutionary and commercially successful. It has been active since 1986 and still holds tight grip on car market by continuing to design new vehicles.

The time of the first range cars has long gone however itís worth mentioning. Initially Acura brand introduced two main models: Legend and Integra with the aim to make exports to Europe, United States and Canada. In Europe Acura was regarded as a feeble competitor because it had no visible advantages for example over Peugeot and Renault. Nonetheless the US consumers turned out to be way more enthusiastic about new imported makes.

Both Legend and Integra possessed attractive exterior looks with sporty outlines (it relates more to Integra) and offered comparatively comfortable interior as well as driver-friendly controls. These two series however had technical differences and stood in opposite price categories. While les powerful Integra with 4 cylinder inline motor producing 113-118 hp (depending on model) with displacement of 1590 cm3 was primarily sold to younger population and middle-class, Legend had quite strict and serious business-like appearing having under the hood V6 engine capable of 150-163 hp with displacement of 2494 cm3 and was intended for use by wealthier buyers. Its interior also proposed better onboard amenities such as air conditioning, central locking, automatic windows and four speaker cassette tape stereo player.

Unlike its stablemate, Acura Integra had shorter period of life and its production was discontinued in 2006 with the Series DC5 being the last model from the 4 previous generations. DC5 also known as RSX introduced as a sports-coupe incorporated new suspension and motor borrowed from Honda Civic which shared common platform with Integra. More precisely, changes include the new K-Engine, frontal MacPherson struts and rear double wishbone suspension. These front-wheel drive cars featured automatic and manual transmissions, were powered by 160 hp engine which permitted maximum speed of 214 km/h and combined truly comfortable interior with qualified assembly and overall design.

Despite the fact that its production was terminated people still look for these cars, even for the 80ís models, and brand them as beautiful, reliable and fun-to-drive.